Ohmstede Ltd.’s engineering team consists of highly specialized mechanical and thermal engineers supported by experienced drafters. In order to respond quickly to local client requirements, Ohmstede Ltd. has engineers and drafters located at each of its five Gulf Coast locations, supported by a corporate engineering department located in Beaumont, Texas.

For projects requiring thermal design, Ohmstede Ltd. can provide the heat transfer and hydraulic design, as well as, flow induced vibration and erosion review. Ohmstede Ltd.’s mechanical design capabilities include internal and external pressure loads, external piping, wind and seismic loads, start up/shut down and/or upset conditions.

Ohmstede Ltd. utilizes the following software to comply with the latest ASME Code, industry standards, industry practices and client specifications:

Mechanical Design

  • Compress
  • PVElite
  • CodeCalc
  • RCS
  • AutoCad
  • SolidWorks
  • PRG FEA Package

Thermal Design

  • HTRI  

Technology Solutions

Ohmstede Ltd. collaborates with some of the world’s leading refiners and engineers to build heat exchanger components to meet specific process challenges with innovative, proprietary designs. Our goal is to create ongoing improvements and help our clients gain greater efficiencies from new and existing equipment.

McDERMOTT / LUMMUS Helical Baffle Technology - Helixchanger® Heat Exchanger

Special shell and tube heat exchanger constructed with quadrant shaped baffles positioned at an angle to the tube axis in a sequential arrangement to create a helical-like flow pattern with greater uniformity. Benefits include reduced fouling and increased vibration resistance, yielding improved operating efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

ROD baffle Technology

ROD baffle technology uses positive four-point tube support to minimize tube vibration and pressure drop.

ExxonMobil Anti-Vibration Strip

Ohmstede Ltd. manufactures and installs Dimple Tube Supports (DTSTM) and Saddle Tube Supports (STSTM) to eliminate vibration. DTS and STS components are custom designed strips which are inserted between tubes. These strips can be installed in the shop, when repairing or constructing a new unit, or in the field when retrofitting existing tube bundles.