Manufacturing & Fabrication

Ohmstede Ltd. specializes in fabricating custom shell and tube heat exchangers, one of the most widely used types of equipment in refineries and petrochemical plants. We fabricate units ranging from 4" to 18' in diameter, with weights in excess of 660,000 pounds.

Manufacturing heat exchangers requires tight machining tolerances and critical welds, which must comply with stringent code, standards and specifications. Ohmstede Ltd. has over 1,100 welding procedures on file and is certified to utilize NBIC "R" stamp and ASME “U” and “S” stamps.

Ohmstede Ltd.'s specialized shop services include:

  • Clean room for welding reactive metals such as titanium
  • Heat treating ovens for stress relieving
  • Plate Rolling

With our world-class engineering, design, machining and welding technology, Ohmstede Ltd. can repair or replace any heat exchanger component. From carbon steel, to brass, to low/high alloys, to titanium, we can machine it, build it, weld it, repair it or replace it.