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Heat exchangers are critical process equipment. If equipment does not achieve planned duration run times, these incidents can create significant financial losses from reduced or lost production. And worse, catastrophic failures can cause injury to workers and damage adjacent equipment and facilities. That's why Ohmstede Ltd. provides reliable, value-driven shop services, 24/7/365, tailored and responsive to our client’s conditions.

Ohmstede Ltd.'s stocking program and strong vendor supply chain enables us to expedite materials/fabrication for unparalleled repair/delivery. Ohmstede Ltd.'s five shop locations provide unparalleled equipment and staff capacity for repairs requiring machining, welding, assembly, testing and painting.

Common Repairs:

  • Re-tubed bundles
  • Body & nozzle flange gasket surface repair
  • Tube plugging
  • Repair of bundle internals (impingement plates, tie rods and spacers, long baffle seals, etc.)
  • Repair of channel and shell internals