Why Ohmstede Ltd.

Ohmstede Ltd. was founded in 1905 by German immigrant, August Ohmstede, as an automotive repair shop in Beaumont, Texas. The discovery of large pools of accessible crude oil at Spindletop, Beaumont Texas, ushered in the industrial age for refining crude oil into a diversified portfolio of usable products. Ohmstede Ltd. shifted operations to support the high demand for quality machining and repair of highly engineered process equipment.

Ohmstede Ltd. developed and patented many machines to increase manufacturing efficiency and quality of industrial process equipment. The company strategically expanded operations in close proximity to gulf coast ports where many oil companies established refining operations for receiving crude oil and distribution of refined products to developed and emerging nations throughout the world.

In 2007, Ohmstede Ltd. was acquired by EMCOR Group, Inc. to expand service offerings whose clients were major industrial raw feed refiners and processors.

"Be the Best" and "Make it Easy" are our credos from which we operate for adding value for our clients during maintenance and construction activities.

Our Core Values


A work place in which our employees and clients understand their stop work authority/responsibility and where the work environment is free from hazards that may cause injury to employees or damage to property.


A workforce who understand our commitment to doing things the right way, at all times.

Say/Do Ratio

A commitment, at all levels of the organization, to deliver on our promises.

First to Respond/First to Deliver

Our team is driven by our commitment to respond, and deliver, before all others…No matter the time, no matter the size.


Employees are encouraged to cooperate and are provided the latitude to develop new/innovative ideas in order to improve our value proposition for our clients.

Terms and Conditions