Like each client, event type, site location, and process unit has its own culture and approach for optimum execution, each major industry has its own descriptive terminologies and peculiar procedures. We are skilled, equipped, and experienced to provide our services within the following industries:

Petroleum-Icon.png • Petroleum Refining (Downstream)

Terminals-Icon.png • Terminals – Oil and Gas (Midstream)

Fuel-Icon.png • Alternative Fuels 

Pulp-Icon.png • Pulp and Paper

Chemicals-Icon.png • Chemicals Processing

Production-Icon.png • Production – Oil and Gas (Upstream)

Power-Icon.png • Power

Food-Icon.png • Food and Beverage

Our services are deployed throughout the United States and for special projects throughout the world. Our project support operations are strategically located for timely response and executive leadership engagement with our clients and project leadership for project life-cycle and commitment.