Cost Tracking/Analysis/Ongoing Analysis

We provide the full spectrum of Project Controls services to our clients for supporting construction or maintenance efforts throughout the full project or event cycle.

As each projects’ requirements differ, and support sought by our clients vary greatly, our role is designed to ensure client expectations and goals are executed timely and professionally.  We contribute the greatest value when consulted early during the initial planning stage to understand the work scope, schedule, and project goals. Our expertise and experience increase understanding for critical project issues, structure participant alignment and enhance execution strategies for project success.  Project planning and controls increase probabilities for achieving environmental, health, safety, mechanical integrity, reliability, schedule, and budgetary goals.

Project Controls Support Offerings

  • Complete Support of Phased/Gated Project Development and Execution
  • Budgeting and planning at each phase of the project
  • Earned Value Management, including schedule development, scheduling and schedule update
  • Risk assessment, management and mitigation
  • Establishing, quantifying and tracking project Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Logistics planning and support
  • Document control
  • Material management and expediting
  • Cost estimation, tracking and control
  • Scope detailing, planning, budgeting, scheduling and tracking
  • Change management support
  • Subcontractor management

Personnel and Tools
Regardless of the support level, and the tools chosen, our efforts are carried out by skilled and experienced personnel. The tools used for a particular project depend on the support level required/desired and existing systems employed by our clients. Our skilled personnel are competent in the use of the standard industry assortment of software solutions in addition to proprietary in-house tools, available for specific uses and situations.