Pressure Vessels and Drums

There are many good reasons for certification name plates to be adhered to pressure vessels – accountability, safety for people, adjacent facilities and communities, and everyone’s peace of mind. Ohmstede Industrial Services is ASME and NBIB certified to manufacture, provide parts, maintain and repair boilers and pressure vessels. We provide Certified Welding Inspectors to monitor and approve all work activity.

There have been numerous advancements in the field of pressure vessel engineering such as advanced non-destructive examination, phased array ultrasonic testing and radiography, new material grades that are stronger, provide increased corrosion resistance, and new and improved methods for joining materials. Incidents are rare, but they are generally catastrophic when they occur. OIS is a vital partner to ensure public safety and provide an assurance for the integrity of your process facilities.



  • Manufacturing
  • Alteration
  • Re-rate
  • Code Welding
  • Bolting and Sealing
  • Machining

Code Certifications

  • ASME “S”
  • ASME “U”
  • NBIC "R"

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  • Heat Treating
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