Bolt Torqueing and Tensioning

Ohmstede Industrial Services (OIS) bolts up over 32,000 flange joint assemblies annually. We perform bolt torqueing, tensioning and bolt load verification using Ultra-Sonics to insure that bolted flange joint connections do not leak. We also go a step further and assists clients with proper gasket and bolt selection based upon the service, temperature and pressures that will be encountered.

We are experts at sealing

  • Reactors
  • High Pressure Exchangers
  • Screw Plug “Breech Lock” Exchangers
  • Pipe Flanges

OIS is known for completing turnarounds with leak-free start-ups; benefit from our expertise with decreased maintenance costs and increased reliability.

Effective Quality Assurance and Quality Control with timely turnover packages is the only way to start up any process as planned with leak-free confidence.