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Our objective is to blind and secure the confined space (tower/column), be in and out efficiently, support startup, and for your equipment to function at designed flowrate producing high quality product.

To achieve that end . . . internals are critical components of process equipment and must be installed correctly for a process unit to operate at peak performance. Ohmstede Industrial Services provides skilled craft experienced in assembling, maintaining, repair and retrofitting tower trays, packing, parts and associated hardware. Limited access and work space is normal and requires special equipment and safety procedures for work to be performed efficiently. We have established relationships with part and hardware manufacturers for obtaining parts due to changes in work scope or discovery items.

Servicing Process

  • Constructability and Pre-planning
  • Inspection: CWI and API 510
    qualified personnel
  • Tower Drawings
  • Validation Tray Parts/List,
    Installation Instructions, and Sequence
  • Packing List
  • Hardware and Bolting Assemblies
  • Establish Sorting and Storage Area
  • Gasket Installation Procedures and Staging
  • Check all welded supports and attachments
  • Attachment Repair/Installation Plan
  • Crew Lead pre-job walk and inspection
  • MOC Plan
  • Owner Signoff - Mechanical and Process


  • Trays
  • Packed Bed
  • Distributors
  • Accumulators
  • Down-Comers
  • Tray Rings
  • Clamping Bar
  • Beam Bolting Plate
  • Associated Attachments and Hardware

Code Welding and Repairs

  • ASME Certifications: S, U, U2
  • NBIC Certificate of Authorization: R

Pressure Testing
On-site Stress Relieving
NDE Testing